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Netop Films is an Icelandic production company created to produce and co-produce feature films and documentaries.

Netop Films has produced critically acclaimed feature films – RAMS (2015), UNDER THE TREE (2017), and THE COUNTY (2019) – that respectively premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, and Toronto International Film Festival. The films have won over 50 international film awards, including Un Certain Regard in Cannes (RAMS) and Best Narrative Feature Film at the Hamptons International Film Festival (UNDER THE TREE).

Grimar Jonsson, Grímar Jónsson

Multi award-winning producer Grimar Jonsson was born in Iceland 1976. Grimar started working for Zik Zak Filmworks in 2006, then moved to Oslo to work as Project Manager for fiction at the Nordisk Film & TV Fund in 2010. In 2013 Grimar left his job at the Nordisk Film & TV Fund to pursue his career as an independent producer to make great content for the discerning viewer and established Netop Films the same year. Grimar is a founding partner, producer, and CEO of Netop Films.


Composer and entrepreneur Atli Örvarsson joined Netop Films as a partner and board member in 2024. Born in 1970, Atli's passion for films and music was evident from an early age. Atli's compositions have graced over 40 major studio productions, earning him international acclaim. His drive to innovate led him to establish I N N I music in 2008, a music publisher and composer agency that bridges creative talents across Reykjavík, London and Los Angeles. Seeking further synergy, Atli became a partner at Netop Films, infusing his international experience into the company's visionary projects. 

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